Special Needs Parenting
Without Getting Lost

The Mighty Tulip website is my work to consolidate resources for special needs families with PANS, PANDAS, and ARFID. In my blog, I write about self care, finding help for our children, ideas to restore finances, and finding hope for the future. 

Cover of guide showing image of two hands cupped holding soil and a seedling

Does Your Doctor or Teacher Want More Information About PANS/PANDAS?

Click below to download a FREE resource guide that you can share with your child’s team by email, print, or even a QR Code. It includes quick summaries with helpful links. 

What does it mean to be "Mighty?"​

Tulips bloom in the spring and after a short time of brilliance, they die off with the summer heat. The bulb lies underground and regenerates, waiting for just the right conditions to emerge, beautiful and mighty.

Our human lives, often have a similar path of retreat, regeneration, and bloom. Do you have your own “Mighty” story? Click the button to read about mine.